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Why MashUp
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Key attributes

  • Avail Services of professionals with extensive experience in their area of operation, on a shared basis
  • Reliable and Proven track record of all venture partners
  • Quality Deliverables
  • Get Best Deals for Real Estate, Equipment and Services ¬†sitting in your office

Value Proposition

Lets you

  • Concentrate on business growth, saving travel and time
  • Focus on core activity
  • Avail of the services of senior professionals from each area of operation
  • Save on cost of senior employee of your company on- site and lost opportunities due to his being away from office
  • Do away with the need to hire a single Operations or HR headcount for India operations

Tapers down your requirement for Senior Managers. We, as Managing Agents, will contribute to keeping the morale and spirits high in the organization.

MashUp has kicked off the hiring and placement services for number of IT and healthcare companies in India and US. Launched an outbound training program targeted at 'High Fliers' for individual transformation to make them perform beyond the boundaries called 'Break Out'.

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