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Services Provided Under HR Consulting

HR Outsourcing Services

  • End to End HR services encompassing all human resource management aspects. In this case the client would be provided all the services related to the HR and recruitment activities of the organization in totality.
  • Setting-up and implementation of Policies, Procedures and Processes.
  • Compensation and Benefits Management. Creating / periodically reviewing grades and pay scales to be market competitive. Projections for focals by participating in formal and informal surveys. Best industry practices for pay structures to get the most tax breaks within the ambit of Tax laws. Creating and implementing industry contemporary benefits plans and reviewing them periodically. Negotiating with vendors to get optimum value for money for the benefit of employees.
  • Performance Management. Creating and implementing the Performance review process. Training of managers / supervisors to conduct the review process.
  • Handholding and guiding employees to ensure that the review process is completed on time and is done in an effective manner.
  • Induction
  • Retention Strategies and Programs
  • Talent Generation
  • Payroll Administration
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Providing expertise in cases of Performance Improvement Plans (PIP), Term negotiations, involuntary terminations etc. to ensure local legal and statutory compliances.

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Core HR Consulting areas

  • Employee Engagement
  • Surveys such as Employee Satisfaction, Organizations’ Health etc.
  • Diagnostic consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Middle and top management counseling
  • HR staff counseling
  • Key talent retention, motivation and career growth programs
  • Competency Matrix and career planning etc.

Recruitment and staffing

  • Recruitment / Placement services (including technical screening, if required) by providing the profiles of candidates for the open positions by sourcing candidates or through headhunting. For desired positions of client, complete technical screening of candidates also can be done.
  • Total recruitment outsourcing and end to end recruitment solutions. Client will be required to do only technical interviews to select the candidate. All other processes, including the processes internal to the organization will be provided by MashUp.
  • Staff Augmentation and placement of contractual employees on short to long term tenures with the client.

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Relationship and Brand Building

  • Manage Academia Relations and Partnerships. This is the most effective way to build the organization with talented and high skilled professionals at controlled cost in the medium to long term. MashUp has extensive experience in establishing and running  academia programs and partnerships so that the most talented and bright students are attracted to the client organizations.
  • Branding for preferred employer status, which helps get the best industry talent for lateral as well as fresher placements. Also helps in improving the retention of employees. MashUp will help to establish this status for the client through branding exercises and events.

Training and Development

  • People Development - Understanding training needs, evaluating gaps and zeroing in on focus areas for development of employees.
  • Working with client for career development and progression of the employees.
  • Organizing of Technical and Soft skill Training
  • Arranging outbound trainings and off sites
  • Training on software development practices and processes for new hires and freshers

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MashUp has kicked off the hiring and placement services for number of IT and healthcare companies in India and US. Launched an outbound training program targeted at 'High Fliers' for individual transformation to make them perform beyond the boundaries called 'Break Out'.

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