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HR Consulting and Services

MashUp comprises of a highly experienced team of professionals to provide a basket of HR related services required for operations, establishing and managing off-shore development center (ODC), Back office processing center (BPO) and other IT enabled service (ITES) facilities. This leaves the client organization free to focus on strategic planning and working on short and long term objectives for such a center, while MashUp takes the responsibility of executing such plans in a time bound manner. Such an arrangement provides a win-win formula for all stakeholders. These services include:

  • Employee Engagement, Diagnostic Consulting, Leadership Development and Succession Planning, Counseling, Key talent retention, motivation and career growth programs etc.
  • Hiring technical and non-technical resources starting with key management resources, project managers, tech leads, consultants and developers etc.
  • Establishing and managing HR practices including developing staff policies in line with organization’s culture, attendance & leave procedures, growth plans for individual employees and retention policies.
  • Training of resources on a continuous basis for soft skills as required. Technical training can be arranged through third parties.
  • Development  and constant improvement of the business process between the parent office and India center to ensure that India center meets business objectives quarter after quarter.

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MashUp has kicked off the hiring and placement services for number of IT and healthcare companies in India and US. Launched an outbound training program targeted at 'High Fliers' for individual transformation to make them perform beyond the boundaries called 'Break Out'.

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